As coronavirus pandemic continues to gripple the world, we need to be a bit vigilant in terms of what we eat, where we go, whom we meet and how we greet people. Until now, this novel virus has killed 21307 people around the globe and has affected 472808 individuals. The death toll due to COVID-19 is increasing every day. Amidst this crisis and worldwide health emergency, it is significant that you keep your immunity level optimum to fight against the coronavirus effectively. Therefore, here we tell you about a few easy-to-make drinks that you can prepare at home in order to be strong and healthy. Also Read - Coronavirus Pandemic: Strike These Immunity-Boosting Yoga Poses at Home During Nationwide Lockdown

Orange and grapefruit juice

Being rich in vitamin C and A, both orange and grapefruit can keep your immune system strong. Also, vitamin C can protect you from harmful substances due to its antioxidant properties. A deficiency of this nutrient in the body has already been associated with weakness, low immunity, anemia, and gum disease. Whereas vitamin A deficiency can cause chest and throat infections. Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Eat These Food Items to Boost Your Immunity And Fight Against The Deadly Virus

Watermelon juice

This delicious drink can keep you hydrated due to its rich water content. Also, watermelon is packed with vitamin C, an antioxidant, that can flush out harmful substances from the body. Containing anti-inflammatory antioxidants called lycopene, watermelon can keep inflammation and oxidative stress at bay. Notably, these two problems can lower your immunity. It can relieve muscle soreness and improve digestion too. Also Read - Want to Lose Weight And Improve Immunity? Opt For Jaggery

Apple, carrot, and orange juice

These three food items can together make one of the healthiest drinks. Being rich in vitamin A, C, and potassium, this juice can keep your immunity in check. Also, containing fiber, these fruits can help you in weight loss. Prebiotic present in apple can promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Notably, 80 per cent of your immune system is present in your gut.