Giving birth to a baby is an extremely special feeling and it brings enormous joy in life. You fall in love with your little bundle of joy since she arrives and wants to take good care of her. However, lack of prior experience makes it a bit challenging task. New mommies frequently face a lot of problems every now and then. And most of the time they try to find the solution for their seemingly never-ending problems on google. This why today we have come with certain baby care tips that will certainly help you sail smoothly through this new phase of life and become a pro in parenting.

Hold your baby the right way

A little baby’s head is extremely flexible and weak. Even a slight push can damage it severely. So, every time you pick your baby up, make sure her head is on the crook of your arm. Also, support your baby’s spine with your hand. While holding your child, use your other hand to pat her back or feed her.

Give enough skin to skin contact

Giving kangaroo care is one of the most important and effective ways to make your baby feel connected to you. In the womb, a baby only hears your heartbeat and making her hear it post deliver by holding close to the heart can be of great help. It can make her feel secure. Skin to skin contact helps your child feel the warmth and recognize your presence. Doing this can also relax her senses.

Don’t forget to burp your baby

Helping your child burp is one of the most important parts of childcare. Not doing it can make her vomit or feel digestive discomfort. So, after every feed, make sure you hold your baby and gently pat her back. Her chin should be on your shoulder while you are doing this. While patting, your hands should move from her lower to the upper back. Doing this can help her sleep better.