Ayahuasca is a herbal brew that was initially used by Amazonian tribes for spiritual purposes. The drink is still considered and consumed as a sacred beverage by people of certain communities in Brazil and North America. Also Read - Navratri 2020: 5 Sattvic Drinks You Should Have During Navratri to Keep Your Body Healthy

Ayahuasca tea contains a psychedelic substance called N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT). It has a significant effect on your neurological system. Two main active ingredients present in Ayahuasca tea, DMT and β-carbolines have been found to exhibit neurorestorative and neuroprotective qualities.

Notably, DMT activates a protein that is known to regulate the production of antioxidant compounds that protect your brain cells from the damage caused by lack of oxygen. This is how Ayahuasca tea increases the survival of your brain cells. The other ingredient of Ayahuasca tea, β-carboline has anti-inflammatory and memory-bosting effects. It also increases level of a protein that helps in nerve cell growth.

Consuming Ayahuasca tea can improve your psychological well-being by increasing mindfulness capacity. Also, this herbal tea can help people suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD to come out of the condition. Ayahuasca tea has been found to be more effective than placebo in treating depression.