A good mental health is essential for a better living. When you are in a good state of mind, everything around, seems positive and you feel content. However, a bad mood, anxiety, stress can make you look at everything negatively and you may lose interest in life. In severe cases, mental disorders can cause a feeling of putting your life to an end and you may end up committing suicide. To avoid any such occurrence, you just need to keep a keen eye on what you eat. Daily diet with essential vitamins and minerals can help you reduce your susceptibility to develop mental disorders. Read on to know about those nutrients. Also Read - 'There's Hope'! Deepika Padukone's Beautiful Acceptance Speech at Davos 2020 About Mental Health is Important

B vitamins

Intake of B vitamins can increase secretion of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine that are known to improve mood and make you feel happy. Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6 are some of the most essential nutrients when it comes to boosting mental health. Having food like whole grains, dark leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, seeds, nuts etc. can keep you mentally healthy. Also Read - 'You Are Not Alone', Says Deepika Padukone at World Economic Forum in Davos While Addressing The Battle With Mental Health


Present in food including fish, chicken, pork etc., selenium is one of the most significant micro-nutrients. It prevents damage done by free radicals, that are known to cause infection, inflammation, and mental problems like depression, stress etc. Increasing the level of selenium in the body can lead to better blood circulation in the brain and good mental health. Also Read - Smoking Can Take a Toll on Your Mental Health

Vitamin D

Vitamin D keeps your healthy. It is present in food including fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks etc. Vitamin D has been found to have hormone like biochemicals that help in performing vital brain functions and activate enzymes which help in nerve growth and reducing inflammation.