Many of us prefer flavored condoms while having sex. It helps for several women who want to go down on her man without getting the raw taste. In the Indian market, you will find a lot of flavored condoms. From chocolate to strawberry, we have heard of several types. However in a new twist, a popular condom brand called Manforce launched a new flavor condom. A flavor that none of us could ever imagine will make its way to a product like condom. It is the pickle flavored condoms and they call it Achaari Masti. Also Read - Why #ForgetCondoms? Because Durex Has Launched India's Thinnest Condoms Called 'Invisible', Meme Fest Ensues

In the past we heard of baingan(eggplant) flavored condoms that took the internet by storm and this time it is the pickle flavored ones. The brand announced its launch on its Facebook page and since then the internet hasn’t stopped buzzing. This launch has left people in splits because who thought you will get to buy ‘spicy’ condoms. The Achaari masti flavored condoms were a part of their Flavors of India series and this is one of them. People have been giving them suggestions as to what flavors they can experiment with.  Here is that that post where the condom brand Manforce announced its launch. Take a look. Also Read - Eww! Cops Bust a Factory in Vietnam Which Used to Sell Used Condoms After Washing Them

This was the recent post. This is hilarious! Also Read - 'Chances of Unwanted Pregnancies': Bihar Health Dept Distributes Condoms Among Migrant Workers

And this is how they announced their launch. The internet especially Twitter was taken by storm

Now we have no clue really how this product actually will be. However, because the news of a new flavored condom is spreading like wild fire, it is good to see how companies are trying to lure their consumers by bringing up new concepts like these. This also sends out a message that using condoms are so important.  If you want to keep yourself free from any sexually transmitted diseases then it is important that to use condoms. Apart from preventing unwanted pregnancies, it is also helpful in having  a healthy sex life. There are several people who believe that you do not need to use condoms while doing oral sex. However, the fact is even oral sex can give you infections. So use condoms and with so many different flavors in the market, the taste will not bother you. In fact you can even try this new flavor.

Edited by: Shreya Suresh Kumar