Google on Friday revealed that recipe-related searches hit a new record high in India during April as people stayed home and aimed to break the monotony in the kitchen. Also Read - Casting Director Krish Kapur Dies at 28 Due to Brain Hemorrhage in Mumbai; Rhea Chakraborty Mourns

While ‘dalgona coffee recipe at home’ spiked 5,000 per cent, searches for ‘chicken momo recipe’ grew 4,350 per cent and searches for “mango icecream recipe” saw 3,250 per cent rise. Also Read - Google Play Store Pulls Down India's Mitron App After Pakistani Software Developer Company Claimed to be Its Original Owner

According to the company, the most searched recipes on Google were cake, samosa, jalebi, momos, dhokla, panipuri, dosa, paneer and chocolate cake. Also Read - Google Unveils New Android Tools to Help You Get Restful Sleep

The report also showed that coronavirus (COVID-19) was the third most searched topic in India during April (behind film and meaning – both consistently highly searched topics in the country).

Search interest for coronavirus grew more than 10 per cent over April — 3,000 per cent from January when the topic first began trending.

The state with the highest search interest over April is Meghalaya, followed by Tripura and Goa.

Top trending searches include: Coronavirus tips spiked over 5000 per cent, coronavirus prevention spiked 2,300 per cent

Search interest in lockdown saw a sharp spike on 11 April to reach its second-highest peak, with ‘new guidelines for lockdown’ and ‘how to get e pass in lockdown’ both spiking more than 5,000 per cent over the month.