International Albinism Awareness Day 2020: Albinism is one of the most misunderstood diseases. It is surrounded by an array of myths that are surprising and sad to hear. Some of these myths have become a threat to the people who are suffering from this condition and living especially in parts of South Africa. These people go through various challenges in their daily lives. Society does not consider them as one of its part. Albinos also suffer human rights violation in some parts of the world.Also Read - International Albinism Awareness Day 2020: History, Significance of The Day And Theme For This Year

For those who do not know about albinism, it is a rare congenital disease that occurs due to a fault in one of the genes responsible for the production of melanin, a skin pigment. Its level in the body decides your hair, eye, and skin colour. People suffering from this genetic disorder are at increased risk of developing skin cancer. Also Read - Priceless Reaction of Baby With Albinism Seeing Mother For First Time With Glasses is Going Viral (Watch Video)

To create awareness about this disease, the United Nations’ General Assembly started a worldwide campaign called the International Albinism Awareness Day. It is observed every year on June 13. As the day is approaching, here we bust some of the commonly believed myths about albinism.

Myth 1: Albinism is a curse.

Fact: It is is not a curse or punishment but a genetic condition that causes partial or total lack of pigmentation in the body.

Myth 2: Coming in direct or indirect contact with a person with albinism can make you an albino too.

Fact: Genetic diseases like albinism do not spread through direct or indirect contact. They can only be inherited.

Myth 3: People with albinism are not intelligent.

Fact: This is not true. Albinism does not have any impact on a person’s intelligence.

Myth 4: People suffering from albinism are evil.

Fact: Humans usually consider anything or anyone a threat or an evil who appear different from the general population. A genetic condition cannot make a person evil. You should be more supportive of people suffering from any such condition.

Myth 5: Albinism only impact a person’s appearance.

Fact: Albinism is one of the major causes behind vision impairment or complete loss of vision.