International Day of Yoga 2019 is observed on June 21 every year. We have been told about the health benefits of yoga and how to can help reduce the risk of diseases and give you gorgeous skin and hair and keep you fit for a long time. Here are some incredible changes you will start seeing in yourself once you include as part of your life every day. These may be minimal to begin with but the way they change your body and health will have a long-lasting impact. Make sure to do yoga under the guidance of trained instructors. It is important to learn the technique the right way before you start doing yoga asanas on your own.

You breathe better: Have you ever given a thought to how you breathe? Did you know that not breathing properly can have a devastating impact on your life and could even cause lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure? When you do yoga, you are taught to breathe properly. There are asanas which require you to breathe in at a specific time and then breathe out. This enables your body to get fresh oxygen optimally and this makes the blood circulation in your body better. This, in turn, can help your skin look beautiful, make your organs function properly and keep diseases away. Deep breathing exercises increase your lung’s capacity.

Your stress levels will reduce: One of the best repercussions of doing yoga is how calm you feel after doing it. The proper breathing technique along with the movements and flow of the asanas will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Any exercise including yoga will also lead to a release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, that will make you happy and energetic.

Your body will be flexible: All the movements in yoga asanas are focused on stretching and relaxing various muscles in your body. These don’t just make you flexible, but they also help you develop good muscle strength and eventually help you lose weight.