International Kissing Day 2020: Did you know that there are over 30 types of kisses? Yes, you read it right. Kissing is a way to show affection to those you love. The person can be your boyfriend, husband, parents or even children. We express love to each of them differently. And, that’s why there are different kinds of kisses meant for different people in our life. Sometimes, we get confused by a kind of kiss that we get from someone whom we have a crush on and want to figure out its meaning. As the International Kissing Day 2020 is around the corner, here we tell you about 5 major types of kisses that we do almost regularly but do not know their meanings.Also Read - Kissing Your Wife Regularly Can Make You Live Longer Than Those Who Don't do so

The Forehead Kiss

It is a type of special kiss that has various meanings. Getting a forehead kiss from someone you have a crush on may mean the beginning of a romantic and respectful relationship between you two. A forehead kiss can be given to anyone who means a lot to you, be it your parents, friend, or partner. Also Read - International Kissing Day 2018: 6 Best On-Screen Bollywood Kisses You Must Watch

The Cheek Kiss Also Read - International Kissing Day 2016: 10 most romantic places in the world to kiss your lover

A cheek kiss is called a platonic kiss which does not necessarily have a romantic element. It is a way of greeting someone in various parts of the world. A cheek kiss is a friendly gesture that can be shown to friends. Parents and companions also share this kind of kiss.

Kiss on The Hand

It is a romantic gesture that you show to someone you want to date or take things further. You may have seen this type of kiss in some movies. Usually, a friend or someone who has a crush on you kisses you on the back of your palm to say that he wants to date you.

A Gentle Kiss on The Lips

A peck on the lips is meant to display the emotion of love. Its intensity can help you understand the motive of the other person. Apart from couples, parents also share this type of kiss with their children to express their love.

The French Kiss

Also known as the lip-lock, a French kiss happens between two people who are passionate and romantic with each other. It increases intimacy between couples. A french kiss is a way to show that a couple wants to take things further.