International Yoga Day 2020: Sushmita Sen is one of the most stunning women who has a svelte body and a brilliant mind. The secret of her fitness lies in yoga. If you are an ardent follower of this 44-year-old actor, you must have scrolled down her Instagram feed. It has an array of pictures and videos in which she can be seen practicing and nailing couple yoga with her loving boyfriend Rohman Shawl whom she calls, ‘tough guy’. By looking at those adorable clicks and snippets, her fans get floored.Also Read - International Day of Yoga 2020: Strike These Yoga Poses to Fight Against COVID-19 Effectively

In one of her recent Instagram posts, she wrote about the importance of yoga in strengthening relationship and promoting togetherness. Her caption reads, “A stable relationship needs a balanced center, flexible mind, mutual strength & deep trust.” Also Read - International Day of Yoga 2020: A Brief History of This Spiritual Discipline And The Art of Living Healthy

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To flaunt couple yoga with ease just like Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl, you need practice and the right information about how to do the posture the correct way. Let’s know that in detail here.

Practicing couple yoga is an effective way to lean on each other for support, discover each other’s vulnerabilities, and embrace that. According to science, couple yoga improves social connection and relationship. As a result, you get rid of stress and get a deeper sense of life. The term yoga literally means ‘to unite’. When practiced alone, yoga asanas help you unite with your true self, whereas when done with a partner, postures can help to build trust and communication, that are essential for a healthy and successful relationship.

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Practicing Couple Yoga

While you are performing couple yoga, you are dependent on your partner for support. So, it is not about who is more flexible or stronger. It is about how you both act as a partner. Together you work as a team and therefore, you must drop your ego.

Communication and proper alignment of yoga poses are essential while you are performing couple yoga. This can make the postures easy and comfortable. To reduce any kind of frustration, be clear and concise about what to do and how to instruct your partner.

Do not apply strong perfumes or moisturiser before performing couple yoga as doing that can distract and create problems for your partner. Also, keep your teeth clean as you will be working closely with the person.