International Yoga Day 2021: The world celebrates International Yoga Day on June 21. The ancient practice which originated in India is an umbrella term that covers not just physical but mental fitness too. Yoga is not just performing asanas, but a way of life. The practice not only makes your body healthy but it even relaxes your mind and oozes out negativity. Amidst pandemic, people are largely taking the help of Yoga to heal their mind and body from anxiety, depression, WFH scenario, etc. On Yoga Day, the Sadhguru-led foundation has released a video that explains how yoga helps dissolve the animal nature within.Also Read - Want to Learn Yoga? Try These 5 Simple Yoga Asanas For Beginners | Demonstrated by Expert Dr. Purnajita Sen

Dissolving Animal Nature Within, the video released by Isha foundation shows how human beings are swinging like a pendulum between animal nature and divine nature. In the video, Sadhguru says, “The fundamental of the spiritual process is to dissolve the animal nature in humans. Once you put your dogs and cats to sleep, only then you will see the human potential. If humans want to be well, then the best way is to turn inwards, because the basis of human experience is within us. Light and darkness happen within us, joy and misery happen within us, agony and ecstasy happen within us.” Also Read - Yoga to Ease Sinusitis: 5 Asanas That Help Clear Sinus And Cold

For Sadhguru, Yoga day means “In is the only way out.” This is the fundamental message. In the video, people can be seen doing various asanas including cobra pose, savasana, and many others. Also Read - Yoga For Navel Displacement: Easy Asanas to Fix Navel

Check out the video here:

In another video released by the Isha Foundation, Sadhguru emphasized the importance of physical and mental resilience. He said, “building a vibrant and resilient body, a joyful and focused mind, and indefatigable sense of energy within you is most essential to fight these external invasions which scientists are predicting may happen again and again.”

Over the past 6 years, Isha has taken momentous steps to implement Sadhguru’s vision of this day as a major offering of Yoga, and a possibility for people of all age groups, religions, nationalities and social backgrounds to experience meditativeness, expanding their perception of life from individuality to universality.