Coronavirus pandemic has turned the entire world upside-down. Its devastating effects are leading people to adopt, use, and do things they they had never heard of or done before. The world-wide lockdown has resulted in panic buys and that was quite expected. The fight against COVID-19 seems to be a long-term battle for survival where the fittest will only survive, as the famous scientists Darwin suggested many years ago. But, how much we need to sacrifice in this battle is something that we still need to know. Also Read - Two Asymptomatic People in Kerala Test COVID-19+ Despite Completing 14-day Quarantine

Anyway, coming back to the panic shopping amidst coronavirus pandemic, these days, along with coronavirus, a new device is trending online and that is a pulse oximeter. In fact, it is out of stock at some places. So, what do you think can be the link between this device and the novel virus? Let’s find out that together. Also Read - When They Call Every Shot Wrong: Donald Trump Slams WHO For Covid-19, Says Will Stop US Fund

What is Pulse Oximeter?

It is a noninvasive device used to measure your oxygen level in blood. This small, clip-like device can give the accurate information about even the small changes in the efficiency of oxygen circulation the arteries. Usually used in ICUs, pulse oximeter is attached to your finger, toes or earlobe for the measurement of oxygen level. Also Read - New York Leads Coronavirus Death Toll With 731 Fatalties in 24 Hours

Significance of Pulse Oximeter

Generally, pulse oximeter is used to check the oxygen level in the blood of people with some chronic condition or major health issue like COPD, asthma, pneumonia, heart attack etc. This helps in knowing the efficiency with which oxygen is being pumped by their hearts. This is important as these patients experience low level of oxygen in the blood and that can be life-threatening.

Pulse oximeter is used to know if a patient needs help breathing and how effectively a lung medication is working. It also evaluates the effectiveness of a ventilator and supplemental oxygen therapy.

Link between pulse oximeter and coronavirus

As a pulse oximeter checks the amount of oxygen in your blood, it can warn you about the falling oxygen level and a potential shortness of breath, which is a major symptom of coronavirus. It doesn’t let you wait for the prominent symptoms to fully come up and create an emergency situation.

So, we can say that it is beneficial during this time of crisis for warning us about our deteriorating health conditions. And, if falling oxygen level is followed by any mild COVID-19 symptoms including fever, body ache etc., you can immediately go for coronavirus testing.

A pulse oximeter is especially helpful for older people or those with underlying condition as they are more vulnerable to coronavirus due to their weak immune function.