According to recent surveys, extramarital dating apps have seen a sudden rise in its subscription in India during the current lockdown. What does it say about the morality of people? Do you think it is okay to look for some online fun to break the monotony? Do you find that this external lure is good enough to risk your marriage? If yes, go ahead. Also Read - Do Household Chores, Play Board Games Together: Defender Adil Khan Spending Quality Time With Wife Amid Lockdown

But if you have got any realisation at this moment about your immoral deeds, this piece of writing is for you. In present day, most of the people do not have the clarity about the term ‘cheating’. They think getting intimate with someone of opposite sex other than your partner is called cheating. This is indeed. But there is more to it. Also Read - Home Quarantine During Coronavirus Pandemic, a Way to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Partner

Cheating also includes doing anything flirtatious or indulging in things that are emotional with a person of opposite sex without letting your partner know about it. This includes random calling to your ex and talking about your so called good days too. Also Read - Here is How to Keep Love Intact in a Long Distance Relationship

It is understandable that due to lockdown, couples are spending too much time together under the same roof. And, this may get monotonous or uninteresting gradually but that doesn’t mean that you choose betrayal and start cheating your spouse.

Creating a fake account on dating apps and having a few flirtatious conversation with another person may seem spicy to you temporarily. But it can become toxic to your current relationship and can even end it. As you are living 24*7 with your partner, it won’t take too much time for your spouse to realise that something is fishy. And, you may get caught soon. A momentary urge to look for external lure can cost you your marriage.

So, think wisely before acting. Do not get swayed by these dating apps and their flashy taglines. It can be detrimental to your relationship. You can use the time of lockdown to make your relationship stronger. Talk to your spouse, have conversations, do things together, watch movies together, cook and just be there for each other in this time of crisis instead of rolling your eyes over dating apps.