‘Warmer weather may slow but not halt, coronavirus‘, says a New York Times report. A few significant studies conducted in different parts of the world support this claim. According to researchers, in the coming days, nature may diminish the pandemic and help you contain the virus up to a significant level but it will return again in winters during the end of the year. Also Read - Indian Cricketers Given Customised Fitness Routines Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

According to a research conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, countries that experience hot weather or communities living in warmer places have an advantage in current pandemic situation as hot weather can help them slow down the spread of coronavirus. Also Read - Coronavirus Pandemic: Strike These Immunity-Boosting Yoga Poses at Home During Nationwide Lockdown

The scientists state that coronavirus has worsley affected those areas where the temperature was low and ranged between 3 and 17 degrees Celsius. And, countries in the southern hemisphere have coronavirus cases fewer than 6 per cent of the global cases. Also Read - Priyanka Chopra Jonas Uncovers Coronavirus Myths With WHO Experts- Watch Video

Additionally, it has been witnessed that other four types of coronavirus that cause common cold every year disappear in warmer weather.

Some other studies have also drawn similar conclusions for the COVID-19. According to a researcher at the University of Maryland’s Institute of Virology, virus has a harder time spreading between people in warmer climates. The study results do show that hot temperature may lead to less effective viral transmission but that doesn’t mean zero transmission of coronavirus. So, we still need to take effective precautionary measures to keep the infection at bay.

So, it is important to avoid social gathering and stay at home. Also, maintain good hygiene. Do not unnecessarily touch your face. Notably, the total number coronavirus positive cases in the world has reached around 378,912. Of these, 16515 people have already lost their lives. If you wish to be safe, be disciplined and responsible.