Swimming is a life skill, an excellent way to stay fit and more importantly a super fun activity. A number of kids are enrolled for swimming classes in summer. While this is a very good summer activity, it could turn out to be dangerous. This is why certain safety guidelines need to be followed not just by the swimming pool authorities, the lifeguard, the learner but also by you as a parent. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Hygiene inside the swimming pool is of extreme importance. The swimming pool needs to be clean and should have regular cleaning sessions. Not just the pool, even the area around it needs to be kept clean. The locker rooms shouldn’t be dirty and the water in the showers should be clear and flowing too.

When enrolling your kid in a swimming pool, find out about how many guards are there per session. Make sure that the lifeguard to kids ratio is reasonable. The lifeguards need to be trained and alert and should be enough in number to cater to all the learners in the entire pool.

Make sure that the lifebuoys and other floats are good quality. If your kid is a learner, the floats need to be tied properly to ensure they float.

Do not let your kids (or anyone else) enter the swimming pool if they have any sort of infection. Skin rashes and problems related to ENT, and even eyes are of major concern when enrolling for swimming. Consult a doctor before your kid joins swimming classes.

What your kid eats and drinks before and after swimming is important. Swimming is a tiring activity and like the case with any other exercise, swimming also needs you to drink water frequently. Let your kid carry a water bottle with him so that he can drink enough water. This will keep muscle cramps away. Let her eat an hour earlier so she has enough energy for swimming.