Jacqueline Fernandez has made it to the list of the hottest Bollywood celebs all thanks to her good looks and sex appeal. The bubbly actress has a vibrant personality that is pretty evident from her photos as well. They always have an element of fun and energy and she never fails to look flawless. Jacqueline recently did a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine and boy did she raise mercury levels! The Kick actress posed topless for the cover, wearing a pair of jeans and covering her bosom with her hair. While she totally pulled it off and looked undeniably hot, what we also noticed was the fact that just how healthy and lustrous her mane looked in those photos. Jacqueline preaches clean eating and healthy living to her fans on social media and it really shows on her. We take a look at her haircare secrets that make her locks look so beautiful and lustrous. (ALSO SEE Here’s what Jacqueline eats in a day)

Jacqueline’s haircare routine

Jacqueline has naturally healthy and voluminous hair but being an actress can take a toll on them with all the excessive styling done on them. In order to ensure she doesn’t have any product in her mane and scalp, she often washes her hair to get rid of any dirt and product. This keeps her scalp healthy as well.

The Judwaa 2 actress is also a big fan of head massages and indulges in one every week. She uses hot coconut oil to nourish her hair when she massages them. Jacqueline also is a believer of natural products and loves to try on hair masks that are homemade using commonly available ingredients. She uses an egg white hair mask and even rinses her hair with beer at times that adds a nice sheen to her locks. (ALSO SEE Sonam Kapoor’s haircare and skincare secrets)

Knowing the fact that you are what you eat, Jacqueline includes hair-friendly foods in her diet that help with growth and general well-being of her locks. She includes foods rich in Omega-3 in her diet such as nuts and seeds and even takes zinc supplements for added benefits. And going by the photos, the results of her simple haircare routine is simply amazing!

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