John Cena is arguably the most famous WWE wrestler and he peeked our interest with the announcement that he will be returning to the ring for his first match on WWE TV. This will be John Cena’s first appearance since October 2016 and he will wrestle Baron Corbin on Smackdown Live. For the first time, Corbin and Cena’s battle will be in a singles bout. He had been in the WWE for nearly 15 years and is a superstar of wrestling. Like The Rock, he had also appeared in many films and TV shows. Earlier in 2016, The Cenation Leader had undergone a surgery and was out of the ring for some time. Some of his best works in the WWE includes his feud with the current WWE Champion AJ Styles and this feud will continue at the WWE Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. John Cena will challenge his rival Styles at the WWE Royal Rumble for the WWE title on January 29. (ALSO READ The Undertaker returns to WWE: These workout photos of The Undertaker will give you goose bumps! View pics)

John Cena fans are waiting for him to defeat Style to be the WWE Champion once again. The excitement doesn’t end there. John Cena will then wrestle The Undertaker in Orlando at WrestleMania 33. It will be one hell of a match, which is awaited by almost everyone. We are sure John Cena is training to face The Undertaker. Here are some of the workout videos of John Cena to show you how hard the wrestler trains for the matches.(ALSO READ These 10 hot WWE Divas and women wrestlers will inspire you to be strong and fit)

Here he is training with Antonio Cesaro and is doing squats with 495 pounds. (ALSO READ WWE Smackdown John Cena vs Baron Corbin: Now buy WWE Smackdown winner John Cena’s fashion apparel and merchandise online!).

Training for the WWE.

And here’s another fitness motivation video of John Cena. (ALSO READ The John Cena workout: Are you ready for WWE star John Cena’s brutal three-day workout?)

Watching these videos will surely make you want to workout.