Your Complete Horoscope for June 2020. See what’s in store for the month ahead.Also Read - Horoscope Today, August 4, Wednesday: Tough Day At Work For Aquarius, Cancer Can Expect Profit Professionally


You have been thinking emotionally rather than practical and that might be influencing your judgment of a situation. Be careful of making excuses for the behavior you know is wrong simply because your heart is attached. You are known to be strong and pragmatic among your loved ones but for some reason, you haven’t been able to evaluate a situation with a level head. You need to explore what emotion is holding you back from making the right decision. The burden of others’ responsibilities might be crushing you and you need to speak up. Also Read - Horoscope Today, August 3, Tuesday: Luck Will be in Taurus, Virgo And Aries' Court Today

You are seen as someone who is strong and resilient and so people think you can easily carry their burdens along with yours. It is time you speak up about your vulnerabilities and challenges. Voice your needs and anxieties and you will find understanding and support. Your anger might get the best of you this month and as a result, you might end up making a mistake you wished you hadn’t. Keep a  level head to prevent yourself from getting into situations you will regret. When you do feel angry or agitated, try taking deep breaths and meditating. It is important to always choose the path of peace over the path of chaos and revenge. Also Read - Horoscope Today, August 2, Monday: Money Matter to Get Settled Today For Cancer, Leo Must Avoid Health Complications

Take a moment to look at your surroundings and appreciate the world around you. You have been busy and focused on a venture and haven’t taken the time to look at the people and experiences around you. Part of the journey to success is enjoying the people and places that come with it. Take time to stop and just observe and look at the supporting pieces in your journey.


You often like to boast about your ability to speak truthfully and factually towards others. You think being forthright and blunt is a sign of confidence and strength. Sometimes though, being blunt can also translate to cruelty and tactlessness. Evaluate whether the truth in certain situations is really necessary; if you know the subject will be unable to do anything to change the situation then is sharing your opinion of the truth really helping them or hurting them? You might be reflecting on the past this month as you face new challenges and suddenly miss old companions. When times are good we often take important and wonderful things in our life for granted. You were not able to appreciate someone when they were in your life before. Although you think it is hopeless, it is not too late to reach out and reconnect.

You are the pillar of knowledge and guidance for many around you. Sometimes this role can end up feeling burdensome to you and the responsibilities are troublesome. Remember that you were the one who consistently told people to rely on you. Appreciate your role in their lives and continue to share your intelligence with them. Someone you love needs you now more than ever but they do not know how to communicate this to you. You have been so busy trying to create an illusion of happiness for yourself that you forgot to reflect on and resolve a longstanding conflict. Illusions do not last very long and soon enough you will be left with nothing but regret for not resolving a rift sooner. Reach out to those you love and make sure everything is ok.


You often underestimate your ability to be creative and innovative in your problem-solving. There is a talent and skill you have that others value greatly and would benefit from. Use your abilities to bring peace and efficiency to all around you. You have just the right uniqueness of thought to solve a problem in a brilliant way. Things that have been constant in your life will soon begin to change. While these changes can seem foreign and daunting they will actually help you grow. Keep moving forward with your learning and do not try to turn back to the old ways. Accept and embrace change and realize that you are also changing for the better.

You can finally make some calculated risks this month and see how they pay off. Make sure you are still doing your research and weighing the costs and benefits of your decisions. Risks can be made smartly if you act with patience and evaluation. If you are unsure of how to proceed you can also look for advisors and mentors among the people around you. There are many different places you have wanted to travel but this might not seem possible right now. Start imagining your trip to explore someplace new to stay motivated and hopeful. You will find new friends and new experiences in your travels and will soon be able to explore the world again. Stay optimistic and always keep dreaming and eventually, your dreams will come true.


You might be feeling exceptionally lazy this month and this is a result of you spreading yourself too thin. You have tried to be in several places at once and it is finally catching up with you. Use this month to relax and rejuvenate yourself so that your health does not take a toll. Speak to people who keep asking you for help and let them know you need some time to yourself. You will be in charge of keeping the peace amongst your family members. There might be some challenges everyone is facing and this will result in chaos and pessimistic outlooks. You have the ability to change this attitude and convince everyone to face challenges smartly and optimistically. Keep being the pillar of sense and strength that you are. You might be feeling insecure lately and this is resulting from a manifestation of your fears.

Use this month to find some faith in yourself and your abilities. Although it is normal for us to sometimes doubt ourselves that doesn’t mean you should let that doubt consume you. Be confident in yourself and you’re worth and look for happy activities to remind you. This month will test your courage and patience but you will pass that test with flying colors. You are a pillar of peace and serenity for your loved ones and your positive attitude has the ability to calm even the most anxious hearts. Your strength comes from your ability to always look for hope and light in any situation. Spread your light to as many people as possible and the universe will reward you.


Your confidence and leadership in a situation will provide immense comfort to your loved ones. As long as you are making sure to mind your own mental and physical health as well you can continue this path of leadership. It is ok though to tell your loved ones you need a break if you start to get overwhelmed. In order to be a good leader, you must also be healthy both of mind and body. You will have great success in connecting with people on a venture of yours. You might even surprise yourself with how charismatic and charming you come across during conversations. This is a result of you truly becoming comfortable with who you are and your abilities. Use this ability to connect with others to form meaningful and beneficial relationships.

You have always been lucky in all your endeavors and this month will prove to be no different. A venture you are working on will experience exponential growth and you will find yourself swimming in success. Make sure to be grateful for the abundance and spread well when you get the chance. The universe will keep rewarding you so keep spreading good in the universe. Things might seem overwhelming at the moment but they are all good things that will have some amazing outcomes. The stars are shining luck and prosperity on you and you will be blessed with abundance and happiness. This is a wonderful time to enjoy the journey of life and appreciate the wins along the way. Celebrate with the people you care about and share the wealth.


Don’t let your emotions get the best of you this month as someone tests your patience. You have an amazing ability to keep a steady and level headed approach towards even the most difficult of personalities. Someone’s behavior though will now not only be affecting you but also someone you love. Your patience will run its course out of protectiveness but keep your calm demeanor and you will succeed as usual. You might be known for being exceptionally kind and this causes some people to try and take advantage of you. It is ok to give when you can, but make sure you aren’t giving too much of yourself. Beware of those who keep taking from you and try to mask their greed with constant praise and affection. You are smart enough to understand when someone is sincere and when they are not.

A project you have been working on will finally show results. Although you may be tired and bored, the finish line is almost here. Don’t give up yet as your goals are about to be reached and success is coming your way. Stay motivated and progress forward with confidence and hope. You are a problem solver and your family will rely on this ability of yours to help them through a difficult time. You have the ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions. Use this talent to free your family and loved ones from their worries. You can bring peace and joy to others with a little effort on your part.


You might be so overwhelmed that you are tempted to act selfishly and forget about others and their problems. While this might sound bad, sometimes we need to be a little selfish to make sure we are taking care of ourselves before we can take care of others. You are not responsible for the solutions to every problem and you cannot be responsible for the destinies of others. Take a break and give yourself time to relax and then you will be back to doing good for others. You might have been struggling to find your spiritual meaning or purpose this month. Take some time to meditate and think about all the things you find important in your life. When you explore the source of your happiness and sense of fulfillment you will eventually find your spiritual connection. Keep progressing forward because learning and spirituality is an ongoing journey.

Try to keep your living space organized and clean. You will be feeling some chaotic emotions this month and having a simple and peaceful environment will help you recover from them. Organizing can also be a great tool in showing you how to manage and tackle chaos. Find ways to eliminate stress from disorganization and take deliberate steps to add peacefulness into your life. Stay active this month and don’t let laziness and anxiety consume you and prevent you from completing a longstanding goal. There is something you have been working towards for a very long time and you are about to achieve it. Spend this month really focusing and pushing forward on all fronts. Once you reach your goal you will be able to finally rest and indulge in success.


You will be asked to make a great sacrifice and your initial reaction will be to feel defensive on why only you are being called upon to do so. The truth is you might not have noticed that others sacrificed as well for you and now it is simply your turn to reciprocate. Try to step back and evaluate all the blessings in your life and the people who had a part in it. Your reciprocation of love will not only be appreciated but in turn perpetuate others to continue loving you. Caring about the people around you will serve to care for yourself as well. By focusing on helping those you care for, you will see growth in yourself. You are used to living in solace and mystery but you will find that being vulnerable and learning to care will open up new sides of you. True happiness is waiting for you, all you have to do is take a chance.

Try and practice some patience this month by not readily imposing your opinions on a situation. You are always one to speak your mind and you will want to weigh in on a situation almost immediately because you feel like you have something important to say. It is best to mind your business and let others figure out ways to improve their situation. Be mindful also that by rushing to conclusions you might overlook important facts. Practice giving without expecting anything in return as not all relationships have to be transactional. Sometimes you expect favors in return for favors others cannot match or do not have the ability to do so at that point of time. If someone is unable to reciprocate a favor do not jump to the conclusion that they are ungrateful for the help you bestowed. Be generous and patient and the good you put out will circle back around to you when you need it.


Someone has used up all their goodwill and love with you. You are someone with infinite love and kindness to give and you would turn the world upside down for others. When you love, you love unconditionally and passionately and often prioritize others happiness over your own. Someone you love has broken your trust and faith in them through selfishness and lack of empathy; it is ok to rescind your love and give it to those more deserving. You will see misconceptions in who you thought someone was and who they actually are. You might be so disappointed that you continue to hold on to the imagined image of this person. Giving this person an idealized character to mask their true character will only be a detriment to yourself. Recognize this person for who they are and let go of any expectations or emotions.

You have faced some challenges with someone these past few months but your faith that things will get better has kept you going. Sometimes though, hanging on to a situation could end up benefiting the other person and in turn hurting yourself. Learn to let go both spiritually and mentally so that you can find peace and happiness. If someone does not want the same then there is no reason for you to wallow in unhappiness and misery with them. You are known for your pride and principles and many people respect you for this. Someone may be pushing you to your limits though because they want to see whether you truly are as upstanding as they think. Sometimes people are so used to seeing negatives that they struggle with believing something positive. Be yourself and continue to hold onto who you are and they too will become believers and admirers.


Your carefree attitude is usually appreciated by everyone around you but someone close to you might need a little more seriousness. Not everyone can simply think away their problems by just hoping for the best. Some minds are more analytical and need some more detail on how things will work out. Try to be empathetic to the needs of others and communicate with them in their way. You are so used to your regular routine that you feel like nothing can disrupt it. Do not be so overconfident that you end up becoming negligent and putting yourself in a difficult situation. Having a positive attitude and optimistic outlook is wonderful as long as it doesn’t also make you oblivious to real risks and dangers. Move forward wisely and practically and luck will be on your side.

Spend some time focusing on your physical and mental health this month. Take some time off to just relax and enjoy the simpler things in your life that don’t require overthinking or working. You are a hard worker and you have earned the right to a well-deserved break. Focus on your health and wellness this month and you will be more productive than ever. You will have the urge to disregard all warnings and take a risk to feel excitement and enjoyment. This month practice patience and prudence as some risks can prove to have unpleasant consequences. You are a lucky individual and good things are meant to be but that doesn’t mean you should go looking for trouble. Stay safe and be careful and soon enough you will find great adventure and enjoyment.


You have become increasingly distant from the ones you love. This isolation might be a result of some emotional challenges you have been facing alone. Although you have no motivation to connect or communicate with the people in your life you must try to reach out for support. When you realize you are not alone the challenges will not seem as daunting. You might be feeling adventurous this month but try and find an activity that feels adventurous but does not involve any risk. This is not the right time to make rash decisions or take any risky actions. Be cautious this month and evaluate all situations before acting on them. Patience and serenity will guide you towards a safe and successful result.

Sometimes your quietness can be misunderstood as indifference. Those who know you, know that you are an introspective person and do not easily express your hidden emotions. But someone you care about might be struggling so they don’t realize this is just your standard behavior and not a reaction to something they did. Once in awhile showing the people, you love some extra attention so they know you care. You love being organized and feeling the stability of a thought out plan. Life does not always move in a linear direction and you might experience some ups and downs. You are being led towards something good so embrace the changes and unexpected adventures along the way. There is great personal growth in accepting that you do not control the world around you.


You have a dream of changing the world but your method and approach are not widely accepted by others. Empathy for the less fortunate must not come at the cost of empathy for all others. Everyone has come to existence based on the force of the stars and their path is not for you to judge as easy or difficult. Be careful that your role as a humanitarian for some does not become overshadowed by your lack of humanity towards all. Try loving and feeling empathy for those you don’t think deserve it. You think you have the ability to determine who deserves empathy but you don’t. Be aware that you are not omniscient and be mindful of always being kind. You will find that your effort to show compassion will reward you with happiness.

There is great wealth in knowledge but for certain things, too much knowledge can bring anxiety and worry. Do your best to seek out new information and try new feats without trying to seek out truths that are not meant for you. Certain aspects of people’s lives are none of your business so you should respect that. There are also some truths that will only bring you to worry so it’s better to leave them alone. You might feel like it is too late to accomplish a goal or dream you have had for a very long time. The truth is, there is no timeline for when someone can go after and achieve their dreams. Be hopeful and optimistic about the future and you will find all the motivation you need to push forward with your goal. You will be successful as long as you stay positive and eliminate negativity and doubt.

Source: Prem Jyotish