Male menopause is considered a myth by many. But it is a reality. Andropause in men is commonly called male menopause. You must be thinking how is it different from menopause in women. Well, the major difference is the age at which the condition occurs. Male menopause usually begins between the age of 50 and 60.

This happens due to the lack of production of hormones like testosterone and androgen. These chemicals are responsible for bringing changes during puberty in men, boosting your sex drive, and physical and mental energy levels. Notably, unlike women, all men do not experience menopause. Those who do develop the condition do not go through the complete shutdown of the functions of their reproductive organs but do experience certain sexual complications.

To make it easier for you to diagnose male menopause, here we tell you about certain symptoms that are prominent in this condition.

Sexual dysfunction

It is one of the most prominent symptoms of male menopause. The deficiency of male reproductive hormone called testosterone can potentially lead to erectile dysfunction and low libido in men. This can reduce your ability to satisfy yourself and your partner in bed.

Cardiovascular problems

At a time when males usually hit menopause, their organs start to age. Also, in males experiencing menopause, blood vessels lose elasticity and the condition may lead to arteriosclerosis (A condition in which blood vessels become stiff and restrict the flow of blood in different organs and tissues including the heart). Men who are physically weak also experience symptoms including palpitation and dizziness. And, not indulging in physical exercise can make the condition even worse and cause problems like cardiovascular issues, insomnia, etc.

Ageing of digestive organs

This is one symptom that occurs in both men and women during menopause. The condition leads to the frequent onset of indigestion and bloating which can be debilitating. Also, your digestive organs, glands, and muscles may start functioning poorly. So, it is significant to control your diet in old age otherwise get ready to experience degeneration of digestive organs.