Actor Kangana Ranaut shared a video of herself speaking on the Farmers’ protest and how she has been criticised by the likes of Diljit Dosanjh who are supporting the farmers against the new farm bills that the Central government has introduced. The actor dressed up in a Phulkari dupatta as she spoke about spending her schooling days in Punjab and alleging that the farmers are being misled in this entire movement.Also Read - Republic Day 2022: ITBP Jawans Play Instrumental Version of 'Mera Mulk Mera Desh' | Watch

By wearing a Phulkari dupatta, Kangana once again proved how fashion is used to make a statement or show support or dissent with an idea. In her speech in the video, the actor highlighted that she understands what ‘real’ farmers want. She said that she has done her school in Punjab and has lived with the farmers and therefore, she knows that “99.9 per cent of the people living there do not want a separate land.” Alleging that the entire protest was ‘politically motivated’ and a few ‘terrorist outfits’ also took part in it, Kangana said that people have made themselves ‘vulnerable’ to the ‘aatankis.’ Also Read - Viral Video: Dhokla Khandvi Ice Cream Roll Is Latest Bizarre Food Fusion On Internet; Must Watch

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Kangana, who had a long Twitter war with Diljit the other day, talked about getting rape threats and death threats from people on social media for speaking against the protest. By wearing that Phulkari dupatta, Kangana tried to establish her relationship with Punjab, where the art of Phulkari originally belongs to. This is the same move that various leaders of the world or other prominent personalities are seen taking when they talk about a certain nation, or culture and try to establish their bonding and their association with that place. PM Modi wearing a Koktung (traditional headgear) while speaking in Arunachal Pradesh, or Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wearing a traditional blue salwar-suit by Pakistani brand Zeen while visiting Pakistan, or Oprah Winfrey wearing a saree on her maiden visit to India, are all examples of how fashion has been used to make a statement in pop culture.

Meanwhile, Kangana has been supporting local Indian craftsmanship with most of her outfits. She’s often seen sporting weaved sarees that she has sourced from local markets in Kolkata or Rajasthan. Can you recall the other times when an actor used fashion as a statement to speak out? Oh, and Princess Diana’s ‘revenge dress’ is the biggest example ever!