Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan became proud parents of a baby boy on December 20, 2016. The stylish actress gave birth to her bundle of joy at 7:30 am at Breach Candy Hospital. Saif Ali Khan released a statement about the delivery and announced the boy’s name as Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Bebo announced her pregnancy in July this year and impressed us all with her maternity style and the pregnancy glow. Also Read - Watch Hummus Recipe: How to Make Tastiest Chickpea Chutney at Home in Just 1 Minute

Being a new mom can be sometimes overwhelming. Something as natural as breastfeeding can be challenging. For some new mums, the process of breastfeeding their child becomes so difficult that they just give up. Breastfeeding your baby is very important as it contains all the essential nutrients for the normal growth of the baby. It boosts the immune system of the baby and also helps you to shed some baby fat. So, these are some breastfeeding tips for a good start. (ALSO READ Pregnancy causes alterations in women’s brain to adapt to motherhood). Also Read - Taimur Ali Khan Has Saif Ali Khan’s Back And This Cute Pic Shared by Kareena Proves it All

1. Ask for help

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Although breastfeeding is a natural process, you might find it difficult to get started. Consult your doctor for the right method and position to hold the baby and nursing advice. They will also advise you on how to check whether the baby has latched on correctly. Do not wait long to get the help. Speak up when you feel something is not right. You can also politely ask a nursing mother to show how it is done.

2. Nurse the baby right after the delivery

Hold the baby close to your chest soon after the birth and try to nurse the baby. The first milk produced by the mother is rich in proteins, vitamins and antibodies required to keep your baby safe from diseases. For the baby’s first feed, cradle him/her close to your chest. Instead of bringing your breast to the baby, bring your baby to the breast. Lightly tickle the lower lip of the baby so that the baby opens his/her mouth. Let your baby take your nipple into his or her mouth. The baby will start sucking and feeding. Check for the baby’s sucking pattern and how he or she is swallowing.

3. Check whether the baby is getting sufficient amount of milk

You have to know the signs the baby gives when he or she is hungry and wants to feed. The baby will put his hand in his mouth or lick his lips when hungry. And when you are feeding your baby, check whether the baby is getting enough milk.  You can see if the baby is gaining weight. IF you baby is getting enough milk, you will end up changing his diapers six or more times in a day. There will also be frequent bowel movements. Your body will establish milk production and you will understand the baby cues in the first few weeks. (ALSO SEE How to lose weight post pregnancy? Top 10 Weight Loss Foods to shed kilos faster after delivery).

4. Avoid giving pacifiers too soon

You should not give pacifiers for the first month as it might end up interfering with breastfeeding. You need to establish a routine for breastfeeding as it will help in bonding with your baby. If you introduce a pacifier too soon it will steal the bonding time and suppress hunger signs. You baby is happiest when they are sucking on something, but sucking on a pacifier is completely different from sucking on a breast. (ALSO READ Foods to eat during pregnancy: 15 power foods to ensure good health for mother and baby).

5. Use cream to soothe sore nipple

Sucking can leave your nipples chapped and sore. You can treat it with organic coconut oil or lanolin-based creams. You can also try Motherlove nipple cream to soothe your sore nipples.