Pregnancy cravings are something that every expecting mother experiences. Carrying a child inside your belly brings weird urges to have foods that you probably won’t eat otherwise. These cravings are hard to tackle and Kareena Kapoor Khan agrees to it. Recently, she too to her social media account to share a post of home-baked deep-dish pizza that she had as her cravings kicked in. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan gets candid about rejecting Saif Ali Khan's marriage proposal, naming baby Saifeena & pregnancy cravings!

Kareena had earlier revealed in an interview that in her previous pregnancy, she used to constantly crave for bitter foods like bitter melon and used to enjoy having vegetables. We are sure all the mothers out there can relate to what Kareena experienced. But, did you know why this sudden change in your taste buds occurs after conceiving? No?

Well, it can happen due to various reasons including a massive hormonal change, a heightened sense of smell and taste, or even due to nutritional deficiency. Though cravings can start at any time during pregnancy, they usually begin during the first trimester and go to the peak in the second trimester.

Usually, cravings and aversions are treatable but during pregnancy, these can last a little longer and may seem harder to avoid. In case you are experiencing cravings only for unhealthy foods, you must try to control your urges to have them and if find it difficult to do, consult a doctor as unhealthy diet can be detrimental to you foetus’s health.