Karva Chauth is an Indian ritual that is followed by all the married women. The occasion is celebrated in our country with a faith celebrating it can increase the lifespan of the husband. During Karva Chauth, married women observe fast for the entire day without even sipping a drop of water until the moon appears in the evening. The fasting is quite difficult especially if you are expecting your little bundle of joy. During pregnancy, observing fast can bring various health problems that can be debilitating for both expecting mothers and the soon to arrive, baby. Therefore here we help you with some of the important dos and don’ts of Karva Chauth during pregnancy.

Dos of Karva Chauth Fasting

  • Begin your day with a glass of milk containing nuts and other nutritious dry fruits along with Sargi. Doing this will prevent you and your baby from being hungry, tired, and stressed.
  • Make sure you eat fruits or have fruit juices every 2 hours when you are keeping Karva Chauth fast during pregnancy. This is important to prevent dehydration, which is a common problem during gestation and can cause problems like overheating, migraines, urinary tract infection, and low amniotic fluid (A major reason behind birth defects).
  • Indulge in some type of light activities for the entire day to divert your attention from fasting. This is necessary as thinking about the fast will make you feel more hungry.

Don’ts of Karva Chauth Fasting

  • Do not abstain yourself completely from water and food during pregnancy otherwise your baby’s health may deteriorate and you may go through serious complications like a miscarriage. You can opt for fruits and beverages.
  • To break your fast, do not go for food rich in calories, fats, or/and salt. This is important as not doing this can put you at risk of developing gestational diabetes.