Most pediatricians presume that antibiotics are safe for kids, however, a new study has revealed the opposite. Antibiotics, if given to children below the age of 2 can cause several illnesses or conditions like obesity, allergy etc., reveals a research published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Also Read - Researchers Find Honey More Effective Than Antibiotics in Treating Cough And Cold

For the study, researchers analysed data of more than 14,500 children. Among them, 70 per cent had received at least one treatment with antibiotics when they were below 2. The scientists found that kids who undergo multiple antibiotics treatments are at a greater risk of suffering from various concerning diseases or conditions later in childhood. And, the severity of their conditions will depend on factors including age, number of doses, types of medications and gender. Also Read - Antibiotics May Increase Your Risk of Developing Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Though antibiotics temporarily affect the collection of microbes in the body, they can pose long-term health complications in children. Conditions liked to use of antibiotics below age 2 include asthma, obesity, food allergies, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, allergic rhinitis, celiac disease, and atopic dermatitis.

According to the study author Nathan LeBrasseur, “These findings offer the opportunity to target future research to determine more reliable and safer approaches to timing, dosing and types of antibiotics for children in this age group,”

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