Kissing is one of the gestures of showing love. It is a romantic expression that brings you closer to your beloved. Kissing helps a person bond both physically and emotionally with his/her partner. This act of intimacy is associated with an array of benefits and one of them is longevity. Also Read - Rubina Dilaik-Abhinav Shukla's Steamy Kissing Picture on Holi Makes Fans Amp up Their Love Game

According to a few German scientists, husbands who kiss their wives regularly live longer than those who do not. Kissing actually increases a man’s average life by 5 years. Researchers reached to this conclusion after conducting a 2-year-long study. Also Read - Ayushmann Khurrana Flaunts ‘Ab Toh Pro ho Gaye Hain' on Kissing Jitendra Kumar in THIS BTS Video of Gabru Song

Well, this positive effect of kissing is may be because it makes a person feel happy by releasing oxytocin hormone which is also called happy hormone. And, as we all know, the happier you are, the longer you live. For those who want to have more reasons to engage themselves in this practice daily, here are certain other benefits of kissing your partner. Also Read - Fan Caught Kissing A Woman During Football Match Admits He Was Cheating On His Partner

Kissing Relieves Stress

When you kiss a person, the level of stress hormone called cortisol decreases suddenly. In fact, other affection showing gestures like saying ‘I love you’, hugging, or indulging in sex also have the same effect. So the next time you feel stressed out, you know what to do.

Kissing Reduces Blood Pressure

Kissing is good for your cardiovascular system. This sweet gesture can dilate your blood vessels and increase blood flow. This, in turn, can reduce the pressure on your blood vessels. Notably, increased blood flow can potentially provide relief from period cramps.

Kissing Boosts Immune System

While you kiss a person, you also exchange saliva and expose your body to new germs. This can lead to production of new antibodies in your body. This in turn, improves your immunity.