An outfit looks complete only when you opt for a matching pair of shoes. That’s the importance of footwear. You won’t find people walking around barefoot. Everyone dons a pair of his/her favourite footwear whenever he/she goes out. Whether you are heading for office work, going for a party, a lunch date, or casually walking in a garden, you require a pair of flats or heels. As they are a significant part of your lives and remain attached to your foot like your best buddy, you need to ensure that your shoes are comfortable apart from being stylish. Let’s know the perfect pair of shoes you should pick for different occasions.Also Read - Style Tips to Get The 80s Fashion Right And Infuse Your Wardrobe With Glamour

Wedding Shoes

When you are going to attend a party or a wedding, you opt for chick pair of shoes. But you need to be particular about its comfort too as you will be dancing and walking in those and heels for a long period. So, while buying a pair of shoes for a wedding, you must keep in mind the season, your outfit, and its heel height. You can opt for heels with ankle strap if you will be dancing all night. In case, you have to stand for long, chunky heels would be the perfect choice. If the wedding is in summer, you can go for vibrant colours like pink, blue, or green. On a traditional attire, a pair of footwear with neutral or dark shade will look good. Also Read - Style Tips to Wear a Jumpsuit And Slay Like a True Fashionista

Flat Dress Shoes

Usually, you pick a pair of heels to make your outfit look flattering. However, it is not the only option. You can jazz up your attire with a pair of chic flats too. You can either buy a glamorous-looking ballet slip-on or a sleek set of slides. To stand out in a crowd, you can pick a footwear with pom-poms, buckles or any other such fabrics. Also Read - Fashion Tips: Perfect Date Outfits That Can Make Heads Turn

Super Comfy Shoes For Standing All Day

It is a big task to do your work standing on your feet the entire day. There a few jobs that demand such dedication. In this case, the wise idea is to buy a pair of shoes that look presentable and are extremely comfortable too. Do not go for high heels and be ready for sacrificing your feet. You can pick flat pumps, mules, brogues, or low heels. Also, before buying these, ensure they are not causing back pain.