If you wish to make your sex life a bit amusing, you need to keep discovering new ways to spice up the intimacy. Needless to say, clitoris is the magical point in women and men can tease this sensitive area to arouse their ladies. But what about men? Though it is true that a man gets turned on easily and gets orgasm faster than a woman, there is no harm in surprising him by playing with his trigger points. Also Read - Sexual Distancing Much? Gujarat Zoo Keeps Animals Exempted From Mating Amid Coronavirus Scare

Though what you like doing within those 4 walls is completely your personal choice, trying some new acts can only help pleasure last longer. If you wish to do a little different and extra in bed, here are certain tips that can help you. Also Read - Pomegranate Can Boost Your Immunity And Increase Sexual Performance

Kiss the front of his neck

Thyroid gland was used to be believed to be associated with sex organs. This age old theory may be true. You can test and try this trigger point by touching or kissing it. Caressing this erogenous point can start the magic. Also Read - Non-Sexual Ways to Increase Intimacy And Give a Boost to Your Love Life

Put pressure on the lower lip of your man

Lower lip is a sensitive point in men. So, while you are into the foreplay, take time and go slow especially while kissing his lower lip. A bit of nibbling and kissing on this sensitive area can drive him crazy.

Give a nice massage to the sole of his feet

The concentration of nerves is higher in soles in men. So, pressing in the middle of the foot can increase blood flow to the entire body including genitals. So, giving a nice massage before the actual act can make your night a pleasurable one.