Coronavirus is making headlines since December and has left the entire world in complete shock. The situation became much worse than we though because of the limited information we had about the novel virus. Every day, we hear something new about its transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. This is because the coronavirus affects different people in different ways. Also Read - Sayantani Ghosh Talks About Naagin And Doing Our Bit During Coronavirus Lockdown

COVID-19 is a deadly disease that causes respiratory problems. It may lead to mild to moderate symptoms based on the immunity of the infected person. Sometimes, coronavirus infected person do not exhibit any symptom and unknowingly transmit the diseases to many other people around him/her. That is why COVID-19 is more dangerous than we thought of it. Also Read - COVID-19: Virat Kohli Shares Coronavirus Lockdown Picture With Anushka Sharma, The Caption is Unmissable | SEE POST

If we talk about the visible symptoms of coronavirus disease. They include: Also Read - Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus Suspect Commits Suicide by Jumping Off Building in Shamli


If your temperature is high and you feel hot while you touch your chest or back, this is a symptom of coronavirus disease.


If you feel a constant lack of energy or simply sleepy or drowsy, you may be gradually developing coronavirus symptoms.

Dry Cough

People who are exposed to COVID-19, experience dry cough. It is basically a cough that does not contain any mucus and gives you tickling sensation in the throat. You may also feel irritation in the throat. Dry cough is also known as non-productive cough that generally lasts longer than 8 weeks.

Shortness of Breath

Also called dysphea, shortness of breath is an uncomfortable condition that occurs due to difficulty in passing air into your lungs. It is a medical emergency and one of the coronavirus severe symptoms.

Body Ache

Body ache is an underlying sign of coronavirus infection. Generally, it is not something serious but if body ache is followed by any other symptoms of coronavirus, you need to seek medical help.

Sore Throat

Having sore throat means experiencing itchiness or irritation in the throat that becomes even worse when you swallow something. It is one of the major symptoms of viral infection.