We show emotions to express our feelings. When you see somebody sobbing, you provide him comfort but what if a person doesn’t stop crying and keep shedding tears? You will gradually get irritated. Right? People belonging to a certain group of zodiac signs are the same way. They were born crybabies and cannot live without showing tantrums and adding drama to their lives. Their stubborn nature forces them to get things done their way. You can never be sure what can hurt them. They can cry or get angry even at the drop of a hat. According to astrology, people belonging to these 4 zodiac signs have temper and are the biggest tantrum throwers. Also Read - Zodiac Signs That Are Mostly Unfaithful And Likely to Cheat Their Partners


Pisces is a water sign and one of the most sensitive sun signs. People falling in this zodiac sign are deep thinkers and like to over-analyse things. They get hurt easily and start crying. They have a quiet demeanour and they are not too much vocal about their feelings or opinions. They always need somebody to pacify them. Also Read - These Zodiac Signs Struggle to Forget Their ex-Partners


People belonging to this sun sign have a dual personality. They act crazy sometimes especially when they have done a mistake. They do not like to accept their fault and indulge in self-pity when confronted. They cry to get the attention and get their work done. Also Read - These Zodiac Signs Are Smartest Liars, Find Out if You Are in The List


Libras have mastered the art of showing tantrums. They are quite emotional and think deeply about anything of their concern. Over-processing of emotions subconsciously results in attitude and tantrums. Once get hurt, people belong to this zodiac sign will howl like babies. They need calm people around them who can hear Libras.


Virgos are judgmental. They keep criticizing people when they do not behave as per Virgos’ expectations. Their critical and complaining nature make them alone. Those belonging to this zodiac sign cry in order to get attention and then they can talk you down.