One of the biggest advantages that we Indians have is that like some other countries in the world, we are blessed with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and grains and other food items that grow on our soil. Throughout the 12 months, there are a different kind of seasonal foods that we get. These are not just easily available, many of them are pocket-friendly, delicious and full of powerful nutrients that help us keep healthy and safe from infections and illnesses. In fact, each of the foods provides some sort of protection from seasonal health problems. This is why it is important that we eat these foods in abundance. Here are some of India’s most delicious seasonal foods in summer:

Alphonso mango: The scores the number position not just because of the unbeatable taste but also because it has a host of benefits: it is rich in vitamin A, dietary fibre, collagen, flavonoids and several other nutrients that are known to keep diseases away and promote good health.

Ice apples or tadgolas: These translucent fruits are extremely cooling and hydrating in nature because of the sweet juice it contains. Found in coastal regions, this fruit can be had as it is. Ice apples can regulate body temperature, give sufficient hydration and provide you with a number of micronutrients. This is no doubt excellent for summer as it can keep dehydration away.

Jamuns: These little purple fruits are tangy and sweet in taste. They have powerful anti-diabetic properties because of their low glycemic index. They have a lot of calcium which is excellent for your bones. Jamuns can take care of seasonal flu as well. Jamun is also recommended for those with hypertension.

Karvanda: These small berries are packed with a delicious sweet and tarty flavour. These have plenty of antioxidants in them which can help your body in a variety of ways.

Jackfruits: The sweet pulp of these fruits can help your body fight vision problems, high blood pressure, indigestion, anemia and other diseases.