Lockdown has forced people to stay at home and has helped couples by giving time to spend together. But for some, it may be a forced stay with their respective partners. As per a recently released data by a delivery firm, the demand of condoms, contraceptives, and pregnancy kits has increased during the lockdown.Also Read - Couples Love And Support For Each Other Can Help Them Manage Their Relationship During Financially Stressful Times

This has left us thinking if the love is blooming again between couples who had lost their sheen or the lockdown has resulted into forced togetherness and a mere urge to get sexual satisfaction? Lockdown has impacted the relationships and sexual life of people in three different ways. Let’s discuss then one by one. Also Read - Here is How Couples Can Manage Relationships in Financially Stressful Times

For newly-married couples, lockdown has spiced up things between them. During this time, lovebirds are spending a considerable amount of time on bed doing the action. Working couples who earlier used to be super busy and tired due to the work pressure, are getting time to boost their sexual life. People who were in live-in relationship have got enough time to figure out if things can workout between them and if they can take their relationships to the next level. Also Read - Trending News Today April 05, 2020: Priyank Sharma Creates 'Buzz' Across Internet, FINALLY Confirms Relationship With VJ Benafsha Soonawalla

There are a few people who have started to know and understand their partners more deeply and the intimacy between them has gone beyond just bedroom. They are fighting a lot but then patching up too very quickly. The duration of being angry has reduced for many. There are duos who have started having real fun together, have begun sharing hobbies, started cooking together and doing rest of the household chores together.

However, there are a few for whom the lockdown has turned out to be a relationship killer. Too much closeness has started getting in the way of their happy married life and is making things worse. They have started to hate each other. Some have started to follow social distancing norms even in the bedroom. And, for others, increased work pressure due to work from home, has created stress and anxiety that are killing their urge to have sexual intimacy.