Everything that you do in your daily life is because of the chemical processes that occur in your brain. This part of your body contains over 80 billion neurons that continuously work together, send significant messages between nerve cells, and help in performing day to day functions. One of the most important chemical messengers in your brain is dopamine, which is also known as the happy hormone or ‘feel-good hormone’.Also Read - International Women's Day 2020: Netizens Celebrate The Power of Womanhood, Trend #HappyWomensDay2020

It controls your behaviour and is associated with learning, sleep pattern, movement, etc. According to doctors, dopamine receptors are present in blood vessels, pancreas, kidneys, and lungs. As dopamine is connected to the pleasure center, its low level can cause a lack of motivation and a feeling of helplessness. It can also lead to fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, sleep disturbances, and trouble in focusing. On the other hand, too high level of dopamine is associated with schizophrenia, autism, drug abuse, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, etc. This clearly means that you are required to keep the level of the happy hormone in your brain, optimum. To do that, here is what you can do. Also Read - People Who Eat Less Fruit, Vegetable Are More Prone to Anxiety: Study

Eat food rich in tyrosine

It is an amino acid that is present in food including pastured eggs, beans, legumes, whole grains, grass-fed meat, organic dairy products, etc. Its consumption can positively influence your dopamine level in the brain. Along with it, you need to eat a good amount of folate, vitamin B6, and copper-containing food as these are important for the conversion of tyrosine into a neurotransmitter. Also Read - This is How to Get Rid of Fatigue During Pregnancy

Sleep enough

Good sleep helps in keeping the body clock right. When your biological pacemaker is running good, your brain starts regulating the production of dopamine. In the morning, the level of this hormone rise. This is to help us start our day enthusiastically. While in the evening, the level goes down so that we can settle in for the night.


Physical activity is positively associated with the secretion of dopamine hormone in the brain. It has been found that treadmill exercise can help you get over motor dysfunction by increasing dopamine secretion in the brain.