Also known as Chandra Grahan, the lunar eclipse is a celestial phenomenon that is characterised by a straight alignment of the Sun, The Earth, and The Moon. When the Moon positions itself just behind the Earth, the sunlight does not reach it casting a shadow on The Moon.Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2020: All You Need to Know About Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Taking Place Today

One such lunar eclipses can be seen on June 5 at around midnight. During a lunar eclipse, harmful rays are generated that can affect our health in many ways. This is what anecdotal evidences suggest. NASA, the world’s biggest space research centre has not talked about any such effects but does suggest people not to see the eclipse through naked eyes as the rays may affect your eyes and can make you blind. Here are some health impacts that Lunar Eclipse has on your body, as per the astrologers. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2020: Ancient Myths And Beliefs That Revolve Round a Lunar Eclipse

Increases Your Likelihood of Developing a Skin Disease or Other Ailments

According to the Indian astrology, a human body goes through certain changes during an eclipse due to a combination of factors. During this time, your Kapha dosha (known for controlling muscle growth, stability, immune function, weight, and strength) may undergo imbalance increasing your risk of developing skin diseases.

Affects Your Eyes

Though a lunar eclipse is not considered as harmful as a solar eclipse, wearing protective eye-wear while looking at the moon during this time is advised. It can protect you from harmful rays that may damage your eye impact your eyesight.

Affects Your Digestion

Rays generated during a lunar eclipse contaminate food. Eating anything during this time can increase your Kapha element, which is already aggravated due to the eclipse. This may lead to itching, lethargy, indigestion or bloating. Therefore, it is advised not to eat anything during an eclipse. To reduce the effects of Kapha on your body, you can have dry ginger and water. You can also have spices like pepper or bay leaves in small quantity.