‘Four More Shots Please!’ actor Maanvi Gagroo is not only good at acting but also at giving a befitting reply to people who do not know their limits. This confident woman is not someone who sheds tears after being shamed. Instead, she calls out the name of the person who tries to humiliate or embarrass her and makes him/her apologise. She recently did the same when a fashion brand named ‘House Of Fett’ used her picture for an ad with ‘distasteful tagline’ without her permission and fat-shamed her.Also Read - Bois Locker Room Case: Four More Shots Please! Fame Maanvi Gagroo Writes Open Letter, Says 'Misogyny Begins at Home'

Maanvi took to her Twitter handle to post the screenshot of that advertisement and give a much-needed reply. She wrote, “I didn’t wear this dress to ‘hide my curves’. Not only does the brand NOT have my permission to use my picture as a sponsored post, they definitely don’t have my permission to fat shame ANYONE! I stand against everything this distasteful tagline points to.” Also Read - Maanvi Gagroo Reveals She Broke Down Upon Hearing About Plight of Migrant Workers

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After being called out publicly like this, the clothing label issued an apology and took down the promotional post. Maanvi Gagroo informed about this through another tweet. She wrote, “The said brand has issued an apology on their SM (social media) accounts and has assured us that the ad in question has been withdrawn. I also realize that the tagline didn’t come from a place of malice but sheer ignorance. In the hope that this won’t happen again, the matter is now closed.”

The brand did post an apology statement on its Instagram handle tagging Maanvi. It reads, “We’re deeply apologetic that our brand misrepresented not only your celebrity but also our personal stand on issues of body shaming & body positivity. We are completely against any kind of shaming, on social media or otherwise. Our aim has always been to bring out the beauty of our customers and bring a smile to their face. This has been an oversight at our level and for that we are sorry. The said advert has been duly withdrawn.”