Do you have oily skin? Applying makeup on oily skin is such as a huge task, the first and foremost being choosing the right makeup products. Also, when makeup is applied on oily skin, it refuses to stay put and gives your face blotchy and shiny appearance. If you have trouble with the makeup clogging your pores and making your skin even more oily, we share with you some makeup tips that will help beat this. These makeup basics for oily skin will help you get the right look. Read on to know some important makeup tips that you need to keep in mind when you have to apply makeup on oily skin type. Also Read - Expert Speaks on Skincare Tips to Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation or Dark Patches

1. Prime your skin

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Wipe your face with a toner to soak up the excess oil. Before you apply makeup, prime your skin. It will also act as a base for your makeup and as a protective layer between your skin and your makeup by preventing the makeup from clogging the pores. Applying a primer will ensure that your makeup lasts longer. Choose a primer that has salicylic acid, it will help in fighting acne problems. If you have sensitive oily skin, steer clear of silicone-based primer as it can cause allergic reactions leading to breakouts. (ALSO READ How to apply foundation: 6 simple steps to apply foundation to get flawless-looking skin). Also Read - The Quarantine Haircut: Priyanka Chopra Jonas Chops Hair, Flaunts Her Bangs

2. Choose the right foundation for oily skin

 Choose the right foundation for oily skin

If you have trouble finding the perfect foundation for your oily skin, opt for a powder-based one. As it will not melt off on your face and require no touch-ups. Also, using pressed powder will not be heavy on your skin and will minimize the shine. You can also use a water-based foundation or a mousse foundation in matte finish. Foundations that have silica can also be used as it contains oil controlling properties, that will nit leave your skin blotchy.  (ALSO READ Here’s how you can lift up your mood with 7 different lipsticks in a week!).

3. Use loose powder or pressed powder

Use loose powder or pressed powder

If you have oily skin, you already know that face powder comes handy every time. Whether it is loose powder or pressed powder, both work on oily skin. But if you have really oily skin you should prefer loose powder as it absorbs the oil instantly. At all cost avoid powders that give out shine and shimmer, as it will only make your face look more oily. You can also use a blotting paper on your T-zone and the rest of your face to get rid of the excess oil. (ALSO READ 9 smart eye shadow hacks every girl needs to know).

4. Opt for matte blushes instead of cream based ones

Opt for matte blushes instead of cream based ones

Always opt for a matte blush instead of cream based ones or the ones that have shimmer. Also, you can use powder blush, as it tends to last longer. But if you do not have access to any other and have to apply cream blush, set it using some translucent powder so that it will not melt off your oily skin. (ALSO READ 15 genius eyeliner hacks every woman should try!).

5. Apply minimum layers

Apply minimum layers

Always remember less is more when it comes to applying makeup on oily skin. So avoid applying multiple layers of makeup on your face, otherwise it will cake up or start melting. Keep it to minimum layers when it comes to applying makeup. You can also switch to using mineral makeup as it has oil free minerals which are ideal for oily skin and it stays on the skin for a longer period of time. (ALSO READ How to apply lipstick? Tips to apply lip color like a pro and make it long-lasting!).

6. Use an oil-free makeup remover

 Use an oil-free makeup remover

You must be careful when it comes to choosing your makeup products, but at the same time you need to also pay attention when you buy a makeup remover. Always buy an oil-free makeup remover and toner. Always clean you skin with an oil-free makeup remover and toner.

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