Malaika Arora is undoubtedly one of the most active and fit personalities in Bollywood. She dons several hats including that of a fashionista, dancer, model, host, reality show judge and mother to a teenage son. Even though she has separated from her husband Arbaaz Khan, the actress has maintained that they will always be friends and you can often see them take family vacations together. Malaika is surely an inspiration and as she turns a year older, we share her fitness secrets that keep her looking fit as a fiddle. Also Read - Malaika Arora Talks About Perks of Staying at Home in New Instagram Post

Age definitely is just a number for this pretty lady who despite being 44 can give 20-somethings a run for their money. Yes, she does have a great fashion sense and exudes confidence in whatever she wears but the secret to all this is her fit lifestyle that not just helps her stay more active but also keeps her looking gorgeous. Malaika is known for her petite yet curvaceous figure and she does a combination of workouts to stay this way. (ALSO SEE 5 yoga asanas Malaika swears by) Also Read - Quarantine Beauty Ritual: Here is How to Get Flawless Skin Like Malaika Arora

The reality show judge does yoga and Pilates regularly to keep her body toned. She has also tried aerial yoga where you are suspended in air using silk ropes. Malaika swears by yoga asanas that not just help her stay in shape but also keep her mind at peace. She recently started Pilates as well and loves the intensity of this workout. In fact, Maliaka is also a fan of boot camp challenge that helped her break her own fitness barriers. She realized how strong she was after a session of boot camp with celebrity fitness trainer Cindy Jourdain. Earlier Malaika wasn’t a big fan of weight training and preferred cardio and dance workouts, but she started doing strength training as well in order to gain more muscle. (ALSO SEE 10 photos that prove Malaika is a style icon)

Malaika had suffered from a hamstring injury but she bounced back and continued her workout sessions once she was better. For her, fitness is a big part of her daily life and she does not like skipping it even on holidays. But Malaika isn’t someone who starves herself of her favorite treats. She loves biryani and desserts and indulges in them whenever she has a craving. However, on most days, you’ll find her eating healthy, clean, homemade meals. She also does not deprive herself of rice and starch as they don’t really affect her weight so much and seeing her toned figure, we say safely say that she doesn’t really need to. (ALSO SEE Malaika shares her yoga style tips)

Malaika surely gives us fitness inspiration on Instagram where she shares her workout videos and photos, not to mention in some stylish work wear. Though she knows that her energy levels are not the same as when she was in her 20s, even in her 40s Malaika can kick some serious ass and we love how dedicated she is to her workouts. She even surprised herself when she was able to complete a 12 km hike a few years ago. Way to go, Malaika!