Male infertility is one of the prevalent conditions in the world. According to the WHO, “One in every four couples in developing countries had been found to be affected by infertility.” It also states that both male and female infertility are needed to be addressed. Initially, it used to be believed that if a woman is not conceiving a child even after frequent sex, something is wrong with her body. However, later it was found that men are responsible for that too. Male infertility may seem to be a new term for many even in the 21st century but it is a reality. Also Read - Male Infertility: Stay Away From These Lifestyle Habits And Conditions to Prevent Impotency

There are certain factors like smoking, drinking, leading a sedentary lifestyle, being obese, etc. that can be responsible for male infertility. It can potentially take a toll on your relationship, self-confidence, and cause stress. A low level of sperm count is basically considered as a sign of male infertility. If you wish to increase the count of your sperm per ejaculation and also address other issues associated with infertility, here are certain herbs that you need to use. Also Read - Merck Foundation launches song to raise awareness about male infertility


Ginseng helps you deal with two main factors associated with male infertility namely, low sperm count and low sperm mobility. Its consumption can also help to improve your sex drive and increase the probability of your female partner to get pregnant. Ginseng also treats erectile dysfunction, which is a medical condition characterised by an inability to maintain an erection for the required duration. You can consume ginseng tea daily to improve your performance during sexual intercourse. Also Read - Merck Foundation launches song to raise awareness about male infertility


Maca is a herb that addresses both male and female infertility. In men, it improves the quality of sperm. According to various studies in the field, consuming maca on a daily basis can make your sperm motile and increases its concentration per ejaculation. In women, the herb balances the hormone level to improve fertility.


Ashwagandha is one such herb that has sexual benefits. It is known to support endocrine health and improve the hormonal balance in the body. Also, ashwagandha can improve your sexual performance by enhancing stamina. Men can consume it to increase their sperm count and boost libido.