Male infertility is a common problem these days. Even after having frequent and unprotected sexual intercourse, people are not able to conceive a child. According to doctors in the field, male infertility occurs due to improper function of sperm, its low production, or some blockage in the delivery of the sperm. Though mostly a person with this condition only notices his inability to make his women conceive a child, it is sometimes followed by some other signs like a problem with sexual function, pain in the testicles, abnormal breast growth, decreased facial hair and low sperm ejaculation. There can be an array of medical and environmental causes behind this prevalent condition. But here we will talk only about some of the common lifestyle habits that are associated with male infertility. Read on to know about them.

Drinking alcohol

Alcohol can affect your fertility by reducing your sperm count. It can potentially lower the secretion of the male hormone testosterone and increase the production of estrogen in males. Also, heavy drinking can lead to erectile dysfunction. Even if you develop the liver disease as a result of drinking alcohol, you will end up having fertility problems.

Taking stress

Stress has been associated with various sexual problems and one of them is male infertility. Taking stress can increase the secretion of cortisol hormone that can potentially affect your sperm count and make you susceptible to infertility.


Depression leads to a lower urge to have sex. This can reduce your partner’s chance of being pregnant. Depression can also potentially cause erectile dysfunction which is already associated with infertility.


The harmful particles present in a cigarette is one of the major culprits behind the lower sperm count. Notably, second-hand smoking can also have a similar effect.