If you want stunning, glowing skin before your D day, you need to do a number of things with regards to your skincare, hair care, exercise, weight loss, makeup among others. The one important factor you need to closely monitor and diligently follow is that of healthy eating. having wholesome, nutritious food before your wedding day will ensure you have gorgeous skin and a fit body without much effort. All you need to do is know what exactly to eat. Here are some helpful meal plans by celebrity nutritionist and pilates instructor Radhika Karle to help you understand exactly what you need to put into your body to look good and be healthy.

Glowing skin bridal meal plan

Day 1

Early morning: Lemon shot (3 tbsp lemon juice mixed in water)

Breakfast: Oats cheela

Snack: Coconut water and grapes

Lunch: Dal, spinach sabzi and brown rice

Snack: Almonds and figs

Dinner before sunset: Vegetable khichdi and moong sabzi

2 hours after dinner and 2 hours before bedtime: Tomato soup

Day 2

Early morning: Green tea

Breakfast: Poha

Snack: Chaas and orange

Lunch: Lentil soup and carrot and French beans sabzi and multigrain roti

Snack: Strawberries and nuts

Dinner: Multigrain roti and methi sabzi and whole eggs

2 hours after dinner and 2 hours before bedtime: Veg clear soup

Day 3

Early morning: Apple cider vinegar shot (2 tbsp ACV in water)

Breakfast: idli sambar

Snack: Lime water and papaya

Lunch: Curd, qunioa and stir fry vegetables

Snack: 1 elaichi banana and 2 tbsp roasted sunflower seeds

Dinner: Sweet potato grilled veggies with tofu

2 hours after dinner and 2 hours before bedtime: Spinach soup


Summer diet detox plan for brides

Day 1

Breakfast: Toasted walnut and apple smoothie

Snacks: Almonds and orange

Lunch: Stir-fry vegetable with brown rice

Snack: Pistachio nuts and strawberry

Dinner: Spinach, bell pepper, feta cheese and quinoa salad

Day 2

Breakfast: Strawberry banana oats

Snack: Apple and walnuts

Lunch: Roasted sweet potato salad

Snack: Pumpkin seeds and grapes

Dinner: Vegetable spiral sala with chickpeas

Day 3

Breakfast: Fruit parfait

Snack: Hummus and carrot sticks

Lunch: Buckwheat crepes with grilled vegetables

Snack: Sunflower seeds and anjeer

Dinner: Green cabbage with roasted peanuts