If you think that only women feel insecure, you are mistaken. Men go through this feeling too. There is an array of factors that can make a man show an insecure behaviour. We all are aware of our looks, traits and skills. Self-knowledge is what makes you feel insecure when you compare yourself with the other person and finds yourself lesser than him/her.Also Read - 3 Signs That Show Your Friends Are Interfering Too Much in Your Relationship

There is a set appearance that is considered ideal especially in an Indian society. Tall, dark and handsome men seem to be attractive to people or so to say, women. That is why those with short height and heavyweight feel insecure when they meet other people. This is where you go wrong. Also Read - Having Troubled Relationship Due to Social Distancing? Here Are The Ways You Can Rebuild Your COVID-Induced Relationship Distance

Certain things are not in your hands. For example your appearance. So it is better to learn to be comfortable in your skin and flaunt yourself like you are the best man one can ever meet. This is extremely important especially when you are going to meet a woman. Here, we tell you about certain insecure behaviours that can turn off your woman and therefore you must not show them. Also Read - Lying in a Relationship Can be Toxic, Here is How to Confess Your Lie to Your Partner

Avoiding Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact while having a conversation with someone is one of the most important parts of effective communication. It shows your confidence and makes you look sincere and attractive. Avoiding eye contact can make your woman feel you are either weak or shy. These are not the traits that a woman wants in her partner.

Being Nervous While Speaking

Fumbling, speaking extremely fast, or taking long pauses are the signs of nervousness. If you show these signs around a woman, she will instantly know that you are nervous and this is a complete turn off for ladies.

Poor Body Language

Body language plays a significant role when it comes to impressing others especially a woman. Slouching and hunching make you look unattractive. If you wish to impress a woman, you must sit straight while having a conversation. You need to show a strong body language as it speaks a lot about your personality.