New Delhi: A new research paper published by the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership has revealed that women need to strive more to achieve success than men. Around 20,000 people from 28 countries were surveyed for this, said The Independent.

Though it was mainly a UK-based research, the findings are applicable to around the world.

So, how was the conclusion derived?

“When asked to select one of 14 possible options for the key factors that help women get ahead, people in the UK, US and Australia cited intelligence,” the report said.

In the UK, 26 per cent said that intelligence was the most important factor for women to succeed, while for men the percentage dropped to 17 per cent.

One among 10 Brits thinks that a woman’s appearance is also very important for her success.

“Unfair media portrayals of women were also referenced as a major cause of inequality between the sexes (16 per cent of UK respondents, compared with the global average of nine per cent), along with a lack of women in positions of political power (15 per cent).

Around the globe, men (18 per cent) are twice as likely as women (nine per cent) to claim that gender equality has been achieved in their country,” The Independent report said.