Men Fashion Tips: Hoodies have always been the epitome of snuggly comfort, something you could don every time you felt even a little chill in the air, and go for your run, or be a couch potato and binge on Netflix. Today, hoodies have become a modern-day wardrobe essential, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Swapping one for a sweater or tee is a simple way to add a sporty feel to your look without going too casual.Also Read - Don't Want to Over Dress For New Year Eve? Check Out These 5 Simple Yet Cool Outfit Ideas

The trick is to wear it in a more modern way. Priyanka Sagar, Designer, DaMENSCH, shares five incredibly easy ways to layer your hoodie as a hot top to elevate your casual style this winter. Also Read - Here's How to Build Your Immunity The Right Way This Winter Season

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We’re moving toward smart casual, and the hoodie’s versatility is finally starting to show. Pairing leather jackets with hoodies is one of the most fashionable ways for guys to wear their leather jackets right now. This style is terrific since it is both casual and classy. It’s a pretty new trend. That being said, whether you’re 20 or 50, this duo should be in your constant rotation. The key here is to choose a hoodie that is thinner and will not add bulk to the final outfit.

Hoodie with Classic Jeans

The hoodie with jeans is a classic combination that will help any man through the chilly weekend chills. Play around with the colour combinations and know that, depending on the current denim colour palette available, almost any colour combination may work well together here. Pair with a simple sneaker or boot to top up the style.

Hoodie with a Denim Jacket

When you need to look smart but have little time to spare, the combo of a blue denim jacket and a hoodie is indeed a lifesaver. Coupling a hoodie with a denim jacket offers a style that is both casual and chic. Although there are many other sorts of denim jackets to pick from for the look, a blue one always works and may complement a variety of styles. Complete your look with a pair of charcoal canvas low-top shoes.

Hoodie with a Coat

A coat is usually a great solution for feeling warm while looking smart. A classic coat is typically seen in more casual outfits. However, a well-fitting coat in navy, black, or even camel may be simply worn over a hoodie. Just remember to round out the look with additional laidback pieces like baggy pants and shoes.