Men and women are attracted to each other based on different traits like looks, first impressions, personality, etc but there are certain things that can repel women too and men need to take extra care that they don’t have these bad habits if they want to impress women. We list top five things that can go against your favour even if you have everything else going on for you on a date. Men, take note and thank us later. Also Read - No Food, no Jobs: Over 3 Lakh Trucks Stranded on Roads With Rs 35,000 Crore Goods Amid Lockdown

Body odor

While ads that show that men can woo girls just by applying a nice deodorant take it too far, the truth is, body odor is a sure repellent. While women do like the natural scent of a man, don’t mix it up with body odor that is due to bacterial growth. In order to avoid this, always take a shower in the morning and then use a body spray as this will keep bacteria at bay and you will not stink even if you sweat. That’s when your natural body scent will work. (ALSO SEE Grooming tips for men to boost confidence) Also Read - Coronavirus: Centre Exempts Customs Duty, Cess on Ventilators, COVID-19 Test Kits Till Sept 30

Dirty nails

Dirty nails are not only unhygienic but unattractive too. Women may like growing their nails long but when it comes to men, they prefer them to be clipped and clean. So don’t let those nails grow even a few millimetres and cut them regularly as part of your routine clean up. Also, in case they grow and you don’t find the time to clip them, make sure they are clean and no dirt has settled under them. Also Read - 'China Must Refrain From Commenting on India's Internal Matters,' MEA on Kashmir Issue

Smelly shoes and socks

The stench of smelly shoes and socks is so repelling that no woman would want to come near you and would run in the opposite direction. So before this embarrassing situation arises, always make sure that you wear clean, washed socks. Wash your shoes if they start to stink and spray some talcum powder to keep them sweat and moisture-free. Wear the right shoes for the season to prevent this situation. (ALSO SEE 5 things men should not do on a first date)

Chapped lips

If you are going on a date, this becomes all the more crucial to ensure your lips are not chapped and dry. Women like soft lips and chapped lips can cause irritation to both you and then woman you kiss. So apply clear lip balm every day to keep your lips kiss-ready, every day. You can also just use this at night or apply a drop of petroleum jelly or ghee to soften and heal dry, chapped lips.


Those white flakes that you shed from your scalp often fall on your back and shoulders and are clearly visible when you wear dark colored clothes. So if you have dandruff, do ensure you use a good shampoo to keep your scalp clean so that there is no shedding. Dandruff can be a major turn off for women so get rid of this pesky problem at the earliest. It is also not good for your hair and scalp. (ALSO SEE How to get rid of dandruff with Asprin)

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