Periods can be painful sometimes. Normally, women ignore this discomfort. But you do not need to tough out the severe menstrual pain. It can be a sign of something debilitating like PCOD, endometriosis etc. coming your way. So, it is advised to consult a doctor in this case and be honest with her about the pain and any other symptom (big or small) you may be having. This will help her find the exact culprit behind your period pain and help treat the condition.Also Read - Rose Essential Oil: Natural Way To Treat Wounds, Ease Menstrual pain

Normal menstrual pain can also be tough to handle for some. And in that case, you just need a quick pain reliever. But that doesn’t mean you start having pain killers. There are certain easily available herbs that can soothe your period pain. Read on to know about them. Also Read - World Environment Day 2019: This is How You Can be Environment-friendly During Periods


Easily available in the market, ginger is used by many for seasoning dishes and getting rid of various health ailments. This spice is capable of soothing your menstrual pain which occurs due to excess production of prostaglandins. Having ginger helps in reducing its secretion and menstrual pain. This is what a study published in the journal Pain Medicine states. Also, it prevents any potential inflammation from occurring in the body. Also Read - Painful Menstruation? Follow These Simple Tricks For Pain-Free Periods


It is known to regulate the menstrual cycle and provide relief from cramps. Parsely has medicinal properties that help in this regard. Being jam-packed with magnesium, which is a natural relaxant, parsley can help you get rid of the menstrual pain. Also, it is rich in calcium, vitamin B, and iron. During periods, women generally complaints of suffering from bloating and water retention. Parsely can provide relief from them too due to its cleansing property.


Having anti-inflammatory properties, fennel can potentially relax your uterine muscles and help you bid adieu to the period pain. If you usually go through the unbearable menstrual cramps, all you need to do is to add fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water. Post that, mix honey in it and drink thrice a day. Doing this will regulate the bleeding and reduce menstrual pain.