We are well aware of the radical transformation of the Disney teen idol, Hannah Montana to the Queen of Twerking, Miley Cyrus. Miley, an American singer, and actress garnered unprecedented eyeballs for her on and off stage antics from fans and critics alike. Some of her worst moments include posing semi-nude as a teenager, spitting on the audience, singing with her lady parts, physical affection to pot, motorboating her dancers, French kissing girls, eating thongs and twerking married men. She has been largely blasted left, right and center by parents across the world for completely ruining the pristine Hannah Montana image that was idolized by teenagers all over the world. A million teenage dreams crashed with Miley’s antics.Her father, the country legend Billy Ray Cyrus supported his daughter and termed this transformation as “reinventing her sound”. As much as the world was flabbergasted, she also earned appreciation for breaking the Disney teenage girl stereotype and embracing her sexuality. All of 24, Miley has achieved what most can only lament of not achieving or dream to achieve. But while we rave and rant about all these superficial sensibilities, Miley is a woman to reckon with. Notwithstanding her wild child impression, Miley has been propelling her rebellious sensibilities to staunchly fight against injustices like LGBT youth face, transgender visibility or inequitable nudity laws.  With more than 55 million followers on Instagram, Miley Cyrus’s posts include topless selfies, photoshopped baby pictures. colorful quirky illustrations and pictures advocating her varied causes. The pop star is a woman of many virtues and a rebel of varied causes. Certainly not a rebel without a cause, Miley has lent us some major #LifeGoals through her quirky Instagram updates.

1. Fitness goals

Miley Cyrus Yoga

A yoga enthusiast, Miley posts regular pictures of her in complicated asanas that look incredible and certainly inspire us with those long lost fitness goals. Posing in an Ashtanga posture called Kurmasana or Tortoise Pose, we are curious about her funky yoga pants and awed by her incredible flexibility.

2. Love for animals

Against Animal Cruelty Miley Cyrus

Miley, an avid animal lover, also champions for the cause of animal cruelty. In additon to adopting many rescue animals, she recently posted her picture with an adopted beagle on Instagram. A vegan, her cause fights  for animal cruelty in testing of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products and the making of fur.

3. #Hopeful Hippie


Following the election of Donald Trump as the President of America, Miley Cyrus dried her tears and initiated the cause #HopefulHippies that encourages people to take action in their communities. Through an emotional video, she encourages people to be involved in their community with a commitment to the issues they are passionate about through donation, volunteering or showing support. Miley will begin her initiative by pledging to education, supporting classroom projects and schools.

4. #Free the nipple

Miley Cyrus Free the Nipple

Pioneering the iconic #FreeTheNipple movement, Miley lashed out the apparent gender inequality and sexual objectification. Speaking on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Miley addressed the issue by donning a pair of sparkly pasties to cover her nipples and playfully mentioned other benefits of going topless — including simply feeling better and serving as a “convo ice breaker” with none other than Sir Paul McCartney. She undauntingly narrowed in on the crux of the issue, men’s nipples are not sexualised the way women’s nipples are.

5. Fight for LGBT 


An advocate of LGBT rights, Miley posted a photo, posing with a 19-year-old Leo Sheng, a Chinese American trans-teenager. Miley opines that gender and sexuality to be fluid. Coming out as a bisexual to her mother at a tender age of 14, Miley feels that most people are not privelged to define their identities.Miley realised this innate mentality and is lending her social influence to help the cause.