Fitness Routine: Milind Soman, an Indian supermodel is all set to make new fitness records. He has raised the bar of fitness goals soaring high by cycling 80km in 3 hours and 15 min. He has once again proved that to make new records, you need to let go of your laziness and lethargy. Milind has never failed to surprise people and his fans with his dedication and hard work.Also Read - Drinking Excess Alcohol in Winter Season Can be Harmful to Your Heart: Study

Taking it to Instagram, he shared a couple of pictures. He posed with his friend Dhiren Bontra. The duo was snapped with their bicycles and helmet on. The caption read,” 8 0km in 3hrs 15min this morning with my friend @dhirenbontra 🙂 last ride was 65km in Kashmir a couple of months ago and before that, Ultraman four years ago !” Also Read - EXCLUSIVE: Omicron Cases Detected In India, Dr.Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO Explains Symptoms And Preventive Measures | Watch

Check Out The Instagram Post

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He continued,” But of course lots of other stuff for a few minutes every day so I can stay fit enough to do this #fightlazylifelong and every day! (sic)” Milind posed with his bicycle. He had worn a black rounded t-shirt with a pair of bicycle shorts. He has also worn gloves that added an athleisure looks.

What Are The Benefits?

Cycling leads to an increase in cardiovascular fitness like strengthening muscle and flexibility. It also helps in decreasing stress levels and improving body posture and coordination. It is essential for people who are working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It also helps in improving the prevention and management of diseases like heart attack, stroke, depression, cancer cells, diabetes, arthritis and obesity. Along with this, cycling helps in improving joint mobility, decreasing body fat levels and strengthening the bones.

He concluded the post on a promising note. “Long ride coming up soon ! Stay tuned for something i have never done before (sic),” with a smiley emoticon.