Needless to say, both Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar are fitness enthusiasts. They keep on giving us a sneak peek at their fitness regime from time to time. Also Read - Ankita Konwar Shares Strong Post on Loving Your Body, Says 'Don't Let Anyone Make You Feel Ashamed'

In her recent Instagram post, Ankita has shared a picture of her workout session. In the picture, she can be seen doing Chakrasana in a green sports bra and mini shorts. She seems to be in a garden by a beach. Ankita captioned her picture, “In transition but slowly getting there. Time has all the answers just have faith and carry on.” Also Read - Ankita Konwar Sheds Light on Minimalism, Sustainability, Mindfulness, And Responsible Living

For those who do not know what Chakrasana is, it is an advanced yoga posture which is also known as the wheel pose. This asana is associated with various health benefits. Doing it correctly can offer you an array of benefits. It increases the flexibility of your spine and body.

How to Perform Chakrasana

To begin, lie down straight with your face and torso facing up. Keep your legs and hands close to the body.

Step 2
Now, try to fold your legs towards your hips. Also, spread your legs apart.

Step 3
Try to lift your upper body a bit using your hands.

Step 4
Make sure your legs and hands are firm as well as apart. Then lift your upper body and your legs upwards to form an arch.

Step 5
Stay in this position and keep your eyes straight down. Inhale and exhale comfortably.

Step 6
Once you start feeling uncomfortable, gently try to come back to the starting position, in the same manner, you went up back into the supine posture.

5 Reasons Why You Should Perform Chakrasana

Practicing Chakrasana can stretch your lungs and can increase its capacity.

It can improve your body’s digestive functions by revitalizing the navel chakra.

Performing Chakrasana daily can strengthen your spine, increases bone density, and boost the functioning of nerves.

Chakrasana increases blood circulation in the body and keeps your skin and hair healthy.

Chakrasana improves your mental health by directing blood to the brain cells and relieving you from anxiety, stress, and other such problems.