We need a solid source of motivation, especially, on Monday to get us going through the entire week. Social media and fitness enthusiasts Mira Rajput Kapoor’s latest workout routine took everyone on the internet by surprise. In her latest video, she can be seen practising yoga, skipping rope, planks, dumbbell lateral raises, knee raises and squat, ensuring that people who never visited the gym once, will definitely visit after the video.Also Read - Feeling Sleepy After Lunch? Tips to Control Sleepiness After Lunch | Watch Video

Mira took to Instagram to motivate her massive fan following. In the video, she was seen doing yoga asanas like Chakrasana or the backbend pose, Halasana or plough pose and Padmasana or the lotus pose. Along with yoga, she also exercised with dumbbells, nail lateral raises, planks and knee raises by hanging from a tree branch. Her caption read,” Work it, make it, do it Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger #trainhard #workoutmotivation #consistency #workoutathome #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #fitmom (sic).” Also Read - Dengue Prevention Tips: Delhi Witnesses Massive Surge In Dengue Cases, Here's How You Can Protect Yourself - Watch Video

Check out Mira Rajput’s workout video here:

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Here are the health benefits from the yoga asanas and other exercises:

By skipping the rope, your body will build stamina along with toning the calves and tightening the core. This also improves one’s coordination and lung capacity. With one minute of jumping rope, you can burn more than 10 calories. It also reduces the chances of a stroke or other heart diseases and increases bone density.

The back bending pose or chakrasana helps in the flexibility of the spine. If you want to perform this asana, make sure your stomach and bowels are empty. This asana will strengthen your buttocks, abdomen, vertebral column, human back, wrist, leg and arm. Along with these benefits, this asana will help you sharpen eyesight and will reduce stress and tension in the body. This is highly beneficial for asthma patience as the lungs will get more oxygen.

The Plough Pose or halasana yoga helps in reducing stress, calming the mind and also helps in improving your digestive process. This brings radiance to your skin.

The famous Padmasana pose also helps in promoting good posture. This posture helps in maintaining flexibility and helps in deep rotator muscles of the hips. Half lotus pose helps in stretching the muscles. Due to sitting and inactivity, piriformis may tighten. This asana helps in opening up the feet and ankles.

This asana shouldn’t be performed by people who have knee injuries or any form of ankle or calf injuries. Also, it is advisable that people who have back or spine discomfort not try this asana. It should be practised under either doctor’s discretion or with a yoga practitioner.

The dumbbell lateral helps in building strength in the upper body and deltoids. This will help in increasing your shoulder mobility along with toning your shoulder and upper back muscles.

One of the best calorie-burning exercises is planks. They help in improving the posture, flexibility, and helps in tightening the tummy. Not only this, they also help in strengthening the back, chest, shoulders and abs.

To learn how to balance the body, squats help in firing up smaller muscles. It also helps in increasing stability. This is done by improving imbalances, building the lower body’s strength, toning the legs and strengthening core muscles.

Knee raises helps in bettering and aligning the posture. This also helps in reducing the risk of injury and low-back pain issues. Along with these benefits, this also helps in controlling and coordinating the core of the body.