Headache is quite a prevalent problem. Almost everyone has at least once experienced it. Usually, a headache causes a minor annoyance and disappears with the intake of over the counter medications. But if you are experiencing chronic headaches, you need to be cautious and meet a doctor as soon as possible. There are basically four types of headache namely tension headache, migraine, cluster headache, and hemicrania continua.

Tension headache is common and makes you feel as if a band is tightly wrapped around your head. Migraine brings debilitating pain and remains for around 12 to 72 hours. Cluster headaches occur on and off and are characterized by throbbing pain in one side of the head. Hemicrania continua is similar to migraines.

Below, we tell you about some of the common causes or triggers of a headache.

Excessive coffee consumption

Though people consume coffee thinking that it will keep them awake and active, its excessive intake can do the opposite. Too much caffeine, when enters the body, narrows down the blood vessels, limiting the blood flow to the brain and other organs leading to a headache.


The deficiency of fluid or electrolyte in the body leads to temporary shrinkage of the brain. This is what causes pain in the head. It can disappear after you drink water.

Hormonal issues

A drop in hormonal levels can result in headache. In women, a deficiency of estrogen hormones can lead to this problem. During pregnancy, a woman’s estrogen level fluctuates and that can be cause for the headache.

Too much screen time

The blue light emitting from a gadget like a laptop, cellphone, etc. has a short wavelength. Long-term exposure to this blue light can hurt your eyeballs and cause a headache.