In the summer months, skin problems are a common problem. You could fall prey to skin breakouts. Here are some of the most common summer skin problems people face during summer, according to By Dr Priyanka Sampat, Head Doctor, Birla Ayurveda: Also Read - Juicy Chemistry Review: Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes And Fine Lines in 3 Simple Steps

• Folliculitis: It is a typical skin condition in which hair follicles become inflammed.
• Oily Skin: Rise in the humidity level intensifies oil production due to which skin gets oily.
• Dry Skin: The summer heat dehydrates your skin from within leading to dryness all over.
• Prickly heat: Heat rash is due to excessive perspiration. The sweat glands are clogged with dirt. This causes a rash.
• Sunburn: The ultraviolet rays of the sun causes sunburns leaving the skin red and itchy.
• Sun Tan: Long hours in the sun can lead to tanning. Also Read - Holi 2021 Hair Care and Skin Care: Best Tips to Cure Damage From Colours

Here are a few holistic DIY methods for good skin in summer.
• Keep your skin hydrated: One of the most important things in summers is to keep your body hydrated. This will help your skin glow and you won’t sweat. Also Read - Holi 2021 : Best Pre-Holi Hair Care and Skincare Tips to Prevent Damage | Watch Video

• Follow a healthy diet: Summer diets should include more of green leafy vegetables and nuts. Include fresh salads, more of juices which help your body to remain cool. Resist yourself from junk food or fried food which heats up your body.

• For dry skin: A face mask of besan, turmeric and milk works wonders for dry skin. Face massage with honey help to get rid of wrinkles and freckles and makes you feel rejuvenated.

• Getting rid of folliculitis and prickly heat: A remedy for folliculitis and prickly heat (heat rash) is drinking boiled water with neem leaves in it. This is the best home remedy if a person does not intend to take medicines.

• Getting rid of sunburns and suntans: In order not to get sunburns or suntans wear full sleeved dresses and pants whenever you are out during peak hours. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from UV rays. This will help you to get rid of the burning sensation and your eyes won’t become watery. Use of aloe vera pulp is the best DIY method to reduce suntans.